2017-2018 School Year Impact + Stories

This year we had 28 decisions for Christ on campus!

Celebrate The Win 2017

December 5th, 2017

Our Priority Partners from 2017 came together to celebrate God and the way he’s moved the Gospel through our churches and students. Listen to a recap of incredible stories!

2 Decisions at Mascoutah Middle School

November 2nd, 2017

After the Gospel was delivered (3 Crowns presentation) at MMS’s Engage Week Party, 2 students decided they want to follow Jesus for the first time! Even cooler: 2 Christian student leaders decided to sign a Decision to Disciple Card with them, committing to take them to church and First Priority every week, and read through the Book of John! There was also 1 student who decided to become a student leader for First Priority. Praise God for the nearly 100 student leaders at only 6 campuses so far this year!


Engage Week at Carriel Jr. High

Engage Week’s are weeks when students want to engage their schools with the Gospel message. At this Engage Week, students hosted an 8th Grade Appreciation breakfast, and Zach stood on a chair to preach a message! Students were packed in the classroom to the door, and over 50 students heard the hope of Christ!

Meet Zach

Zach is a student leader in the 6th grade at Carriel Jr. High.

Q: What is your favorite memory of First Priority?

Our first week . . . we had an Engage Week… I went through the hallways and told everyone to invite everyone, and we almost ran out of doughnuts because there were so many kids at First Priority.

Q: Why is God your First Priority?

He’s my First Priority because I know that He’s my one person to serve and my goal is to connect more non-believers to Him because I know that if I do that I’ll be able to see them again when we die and we’ll be able to see each other in heaven. If I can connect other kids to Christ, we can live together forever in our faith.

Q: When did God lead you to start First Priority?

Probably about a year ago when my sister first started First Priority at her school. I just felt like God was calling me out to do something greater outside of my perspective that I’m not used to doing and so far its been going pretty good.

Q: Have you had a time at club when you were shy? 

Yep. At the very beginning of First Priority I was a little scared. Like what if these people don’t like me if I start saying stuff that they don’t believe in? Or if I lose friends or something?

But then i just prayed about it and I knew that God would use me in a way that I never thought he would. So I just sat down one night at my desk and I started writing stuff out on a card. When I got to First Priority the next morning God gave me the words.

Q: How does God remind you to push through and be unashamed of Him?

That He’s the one and only God and He’s done this before. I’m sure that when God was first doing it he was a little shy at first but He’s just telling me to be bold and share more about him so that more people will believe in him in the world.

Q: How has God grown your faith through First Priority? 

. . . because of people speaking the gospel to me, and my mom is a big impact to me . . . and all the people that have my back. . .  by seeing other people there that I know that need to get connected [to Christ] so I know I need to grow to connect them to Christ.

Q: What can God do through First Priority at Carriel Jr. High?

I think God can connect more students that don’t know Him, to Him . . .  so that one day we can be a school full of Christians. It makes it a better place with less bad things going on.

Want to send a note of encouragement to Zach? Email your message to seanhall@fpofamerica.com.

Meet Grant

Grant is in his sophomore year at O’Fallon Township High School. He served his school through First Priority for the first time this semester.

God was calling me to do more than just sit around and go through the usual casual thing that I was always going through. I decided to take the initiative I was originally getting from thechurch and take that into my school, and I felt a calling for it. Sure enough I ended up on stage giving the gospel. I think it started at church and eventually progressed out of it. I definitely felt God working through that moment with me.

Q: Is it easy or tough to step up in our faith?

To step up in your faith you have to take the initiative to do it, and I think that’s challenging for most. You have to give the time to do it. Impacting someone is taking the initiative to go talk to them.

Q: What do you think First Priority can do for your school?

It can bring people to understand exactly what this whole Christianity thing is. It [First Priority] is welcoming and non-judgmental, even if no one knows them. It’s the best place they can go with questions. Church is the best place, but First Priority is the best place to start off. Another thing that First Priority can do is help them [Christian students] understand what they’re supposed to do for the Kingdom.

Q: How would you encourage Christian students who want to leave “churchy” things outside of school? 

Who do you think you really are: the “school kid” or the “church kid”? I’m the church kid–the one who’s not afraid of their faith. The one who doesn’t care about popularity– because it’s not going to matter in 3 or 4 years. It’s not… think about who you really are… I used to be a different person on and off campus as well. God is calling me to be who I am at church. 

Q: What would you say to students who don’t really know who Christ is?

Come talk to me.


Meet Juliet

Juliet is a student at Mascoutah High school who sought after Christ for the first time on campus. She later became a First Priority leader to share her hope with others! On one occasion, she shared the gospel at her club and her friend accepted Christ!

Her story in her words:

“So, despite my youth pastor leaving, best friends leaving, family losses and trials, and my own health issues, God grew my faith through First Priority and challenged me to comfort others with his love as well. Reminds me of 1 Corinthians 1:4, “He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.”

First Priority has helped me challenge others with the gospel on my campus . . . which is needed because we have a lot of students at our school who say they are christian but are not really showing it well . . . Also if we had more Christians on campus that were missionaries it would make our school a better, safer, happier, environment for students to be in everyday. It also makes it an easier way for students to accept Christ on campus if they are unable to make it to a church or some kind of service.”

Juliet is one of 50+ students who were trained to reach their campus with the hope of Christ!


Meet Victoria


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