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First Priority is about students reaching students. Students are the “players on the field.”

  • Student Leadership prepares, promotes, and leads each club meeting.
  • Your school is your nine-month mission field. You learned the language. Transportation is booked. And you know how to share the life-changing Gospel.
  • First Priority gives you the resources you need to share your story and serve your school.
  • Decisions to Disciples (D2D) is an easy way to disciple your friends towards Christ.

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Pastors are our “coaches on the sidelines”.

First Priority is a bridge between the church and the school that gives your students:

  • a clear way to disciple their friends.
  • servant leadership opportunities.
  • evangelism training.
  • a movement of church unity.
  • accountability at school.

Campus Coaches are youth pastors who encourage and equip students to reach their school with excellence.

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Priority Parents are the “fans in the stands.”

You can pray, participate, promote, and provide for student missionaries in a special way.

  • Priority Parents share a heart to protect our students from the spiritual battles at school, and see teachers and administrators know the Hope of Christ.
  • The goal for each school is to have a Prayer Group that simply meets monthly to pray for the school, encourage each other, and support students!
  • “Cover A Campus” with prayer, snacks, and more here.


Teachers are the “referees with the rules.” 

  • You work as a liaison between students and administration to make First Priority happen!
  • Open up your classroom for a half-hour a week for students to run their club.
  • Help students communicate and promote club activities.
  • Encourage students to be servant leaders at school.
  • Learn how to become a teacher sponsor at your school.
  • Find your club to assist other teacher sponsors at your school.
  • If you don’t have a club, encourage your students to Start a Club.

We believe the Local Church will always be God’s hope for the World.

Our business leaders are the “owners of the team.”

  • Without business leaders involved in the FP strategy, the longevity of the ministry will diminish when students graduate or staff in our local churches move on.
  • A committed Board of Directors oversees the success of our local First Priority.
  • Is your Business on Mission?
    • See the benefits of an Annual Partnership.
    • An investment in First Priority is an investment in the spiritual climate of your community.


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