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H.O.P.E. is a focused outreach plan that enables local churches to help students share their faith story, the Gospel message, and serve their school.

Your club will:

  • Help Christian friends understand how to share the gospel.
  • Overcome the fear of sharing the gospel.
  • Prepare each other to share their personal faith story.
  • Engage your school with a Gospel Party.
  • Follow Up with students who want to know more about Jesus.

First, use your personality and gifts to lead your meetings with the following resources:

The First Priority App

Download the FP App for your monthly H.O.P.E. curriculum, and other resources.

Weekly Planning Guide

FP University Videos

Access First Priority Training Videos here.

Prepare Week Resources

The Goal: Preparing your Gospel Message.

1. Choose to Share the Gospel Message.

3 Crowns Drawing

3 Circles Drawing

        Gospel Surveys

G.O.S.P.E.L. (Life in 6 Words)

 The Big Story Drawing

Three-Two-One Gospel Presentation  

Gospel Survey

Evangecube and Eball

Four Spiritual Laws

Romans Road of Scripture

Want to add another way to share the Gospel? Email
2. Choose to Share Your Faith Story.

Testimony Worksheets
#mystory App

        101 Ways to Impact Your School

Engage Week Resources

The Goal: Engaging your school with the Gospel.

 Attendance Cards

Gospel Presentation Guide

 Guest Speaker Form

Follow-up Team (Every Week)

The Goal: to follow up with any decisions made for Christ, making sure that every student will attend Help Week to receive a FP Bible, start a Bible Study, and be prayed for.

Follow up Guide

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