Club Resources

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H.O.P.E. is a focused outreach plan that enables local churches to help students share their faith story, the Gospel message, and serve their school.

Your club will:

  • Help Christian friends understand how to share the gospel.
  • Overcome the fear of sharing the gospel.
  • Prepare each other to share their personal faith story.
  • Engage your school with a Gospel Party.
  • Follow Up with students who want to know more about Jesus.

First, use your personality and giftedness to lead your meetings with the following resources:

The First Priority App

Weekly Planning Guide



Hope Weekly Guides




Campus Planning Videos – What Hope Looks Like

FP University Videos

Access First Priority Training Videos here.

Help Week Resources

The Goal: Equipping believers with a basic outline of the gospel, along with a tool, to help them articulate clearly in casual conversation.

Ways to Share the Gospel

3 Crowns Drawing

3 Circles Drawing

G.O.S.P.E.L. (Life in 6 Words)

 The Big Story Drawing

Three-Two-One Gospel Presentation  

Gospel Survey

Evangecube and Eball

Four Spiritual Laws

Romans Road of Scripture

Want to add another way to share the Gospel? Email

Prepare Week Resources

The Goal:  Recognize the significance of your faith story and learn to tell it well.

Testimony Worksheets
#mystory App

        101 Ways to Impact Your School

Engage Week Resources

The Goal: Engage your school with the gospel by throwing them a party.

 Attendance Cards

        Decisions 2 Disciples Card

Gospel Presentation Guide

 Guest Speaker Form

Follow-up Team (Every Week)

The Goal: to follow up with students who have responded to Jesus at club, challenging their friends to start discipling them.

Follow up Guide

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